Third Party Plug-in / SDK Access

Third Party Plug-in / SDK Access "To ensure reliable services, we work with our authorised business partners which provide their plug-in programs or software development kits (“SDK”), and which may process your personal information as follows: 


Name of plug-in / SDK and its providerPurposes of processing of personal information and business functionsTypes of personal information processedMethods of collecting personal information by plug-in / SDK providersManner of processing personal information (mobile App functionalities permitted to be accessed by plug-in / SDK providers)

Privacy policy of the plug-in / SDK provider

Mobile OS

GravtySDK by Loyalty Juggernaut Inc.

This is an SDK built for our loyalty management system, which provides us with the mobile facing APIs and saves data in local storage of mobile devices. Personal information is processed for the abovementioned API integration.

All loyalty programme member details (please refer to section 1.5 of the General Terms in our Privacy Policy), offers, member account transactions and activities, member privilege

All loyalty programme data will be collected via the API by the SDK in the backend.

Processing, transferring and storing personal information via API integration.

iOS and Android

Google SDK by GooglePersonal information is processed for accessing Google authentication servicesName, e-mail address, phone numberData is processed via authentication sheet presented by the SDK.Use and process personal information for authentication purposes.

Sunshine SDK (Alliants live chat) by Zendesk, Inc.Personal information is processed to enable us to view a member's details during live chat for customer serviceFirst name, last name, e-mail address, phone number, title, date of birth, loyalty membership IDWe will upload the data during SDK initialization, and the SDK will sync new data in the backendUse and process personal information for triggering push notifications. This SDK requires permission for: 1) sending push notifications; 2) camera (receipt upload); and 3) gallery (upload attachment). and Android
Push notification Android ARchive library (lib-techain-release- by BaiduPersonal information is processed for triggering push notification to customersName, phone number, loyalty membership ID, tier of loyalty membership (tier name, start date, end date), member account transactions and activitiesData is collected via APIs in the backendUse and process personal information for triggering push notifications. This plug-in requires permission for sending push notifications.